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Pursuing purpose with passion. Compelling stories that motivate, inform and encourage.


Hello, my name is David Bradshaw and I am passionate about storytelling. TIF was created as I dedicate myself to using all my energy, skills and resources to bring to life stories that inspire, encourage, uplift and inform. I want to ignite your imagination and engage you, the viewer and client. I want to make your job of communicating easier, your life better and your organization more purposeful.


I am looking for people passionate about storytelling, professional filmmakers to help tell the compelling stories of today and tomorrow, including the stories as mentioned. If you or someone you know would like to help create a team in Southern California, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, to create and bring to life your vision and that of others, please join me, call me, let me hear from you and express that interest today.

Partial Equipment list:
• Canon 5D
• Canon 5D Mk II
• Canon C-100 w/Atomos Ninja Blade uncompressed HD capture
• Arri lighting, both digital and ‘hot’ lights.

I’m glad you visited today.

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