The Gift

All you need to know about The Gift

Summary: The Gift is a short, independent film format. Based on the idea that life is valuable and that marriage is one of the most important relationships and institutions we know, this film takes us through the life of a couple experiencing some marital strain which leads to some temptation, some important choices and an unusual twist that helps keep our lead on the right track.


Tom Wade

Michael Naishtut
as “Mike Mitchell”

Ashley Sutton
as “Haley”

Meredith Basinger
as “Caroline”

Joanna Bartling
as “Ale”

Zondra Wilson
as “Rachel”

James Locke
as “Lucifer”

Wade Tankersley
as “Wyatt”

Wyatt Tankersley
as “Tanner”

Tori Allen
as “Marcella”

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Producer/DP: David Bradshaw
Writer/Director: Mark Kudra

4 Responses To  “The Gift”

  • Kayla

    Hi my cousin is Wade Tankersley!

    • 02.05.2013

      Hi Kayla, yes Wade and Wyatt will be co-staring in The Gift. They are natural talents and a joy to work with. I will let you know when we commence shooting and maybe you can come down to the set to watch.

      Many Blessings,

      • Jesica Moore

        Where can we watch this it looks very interesting

  • Armin alert

    Where can we watch the movie ?


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